Month: December 2005

Ah, the stench of that dark cloud hung over us yesterday as we all trudged home from work, feeling like we were fleeing the Martians (H.G. Wells’ original Martians that is, not whatever spitworthy mass media Martians were conjured up for the movie.) My trudge had a little more bounce in it, despite the miasmic […]

Oh, yes, before I forget Chris Warr, a man of unparalled esteem, came up with a wonderful neologism; Kroney, for a lady who from behind looks 16 but from the front looks 64. (Kronenberg 1664 being the link to Crone.)

Absolutely excellent Kong song from The Essential Ghoul’s Record Shelf. Worth a download just to hear the inexplicable shouts of Kemo Sabe Kong! (Via Boing Boing)