Month: September 2005

  • Armed Dolphins Freed By Katrina?: Science Fiction in the News

    Armed Dolphins Freed By Katrina?: Science Fiction in the News: “Accident investigator Leo Sheridan, 72, said he had received intelligence from sources close to the US government’s marine fisheries service confirming dolphins had escaped. ‘My concern is that they have learnt to shoot at divers in wetsuits who have simulated terrorists in exercises. If divers […]

  • Which of the following do you feel generally POSITIVE or OPTIMISTIC about at the moment? (Please tick all that apply)Your health – No exercise, fatty food and an environs polluted with fumes and long-term untested electromagnetic emissions of all sorts, spent in an entirely sedentary manner. Doomed.Your relationships with family – tick, though was speaking […]

  • Closely Observed Trains

    On the window of my morning commuter can; Emergency Exit. If there’s an emergency that necessitates using the window to exit, then I won’t really need it to be labelled as such in said situation. I’ll be too busy climbing over people’s limbs to check what’s been officially deemed an emergency exit and what hasn’t, […]

  • So meejar.

    Hi danThanks for the offer, and I will of cpourse be buying a 360 as soon as theyturn up on import, but I try to avoid doing interviews with press or mags ifI can because I think I always come across as a bit of a cunt.Best JR >> From: Dan Griliopoulos>> Date: Thu, 22 […]