Month: March 2005

That’s Warwick castle in the background, and it’s feckin enormous. 

MJ Hibbett Song Blog: “The Girl Who…One last lookBefore she surrenders her swipe-cardShe’s gone for goodTo somewhere where flexi-time’s almost unheard ofShe got ten pounds worth of vouchersTo be redeemed in Boots She wanted more than that Something to shout aboutTo care aboutTo prove that she’s part of the planetTo put awaySo on Judgement DayShe […]

Yes, sorry, to explain that image below – I had a jaunt to Berlin to see Atari’s line-up of games. We stayed in the excellent Q! Hotel, a picture from whose website I inserted below. As you can see from that picture the hotel has a certain, aha, ‘bent’ on hospitality, one emphasised at reception. […]