Month: January 2005

  • It being the 60th anniversary of Auschwitz, I fancied a read of Primo Levi, so I dug out a copy of The Drowned and The Saved. It’s his last book (before his odd suicide), and it feels more like a series of polemics and essays than his other books. “Anyone who has been tortured remains […]

  • Viceland – The Vice A to Z of Design: “Truly a marvel of ergonomic design, the modern zipper was invented by about 80 guys and nobody was sure what to make of it until 1937 when it beat out buttons in Esquire magazine’s ‘Battle of the Fly.’ Thousands of miles of zip are produced daily […]

  • I will now coin the word Fegels to describe the fake bagels they seem to sell everywhere. A proper bagel should be part-boiled before baking and contain egg, which means you can’t leave it on the shelves for any period of time, and be coated in sesame or poppy seeds. Personally, when I go back […]

  • ? How To Bribe Russians

  • Informed Comment: ” Let us consider the durable vision of our Constitution and the commitments that unite us as Americans, viz., the Bill of Rights. And let us ask whether Bush’s first term left it intact:” Oh, my. A step-by-step reflection of the American Constitution in light of President Bush’s Inaugural Speech and his actions […]