Month: September 2004

  • Escher for Real Oi, Mere, check it out. Some bloke’s made himself all those Escher posters in real life… (apart from the hand writing itself, obviously…)

  • POKIA retro phone of the future Ah, it’s so true.

  • I’ve been reviewing two DVD encyclopedias today (Encarta 2005 and Britannica 2005), which has given me the chance to indulge my perverse side and test out their batshit knowledge. While checking out their knowledge level on the Thylacine (Tasmanian Wolf, extinct 1936, covered well by both of them, but better by the online Wikipedia) I’ve […]

  • Having intimidated some of Chrissy’s female publishing friends with an experienctal justifcation of video games as a shortcut to the immortality we crave (as a way of staving off the reality of our death) by attempting to experience as many things as possible and video games being one of the richest simulations available for visual […]