Month: July 2004

People with pencils discuss Fahrenheit 911 in a purely rational, sensible not at all cartoony, black & white, manner.

A fascinating insight into the mind of a Grill from my time in France. I’ve developed quite a style in these forn lands. As I was only planning to stay two days (rather than six), I’ve developed two separate outfits. The first is my travelling kit; it just so happens to be the clothes I […]

From while I was in France last week Futuroscope, c’est fantastique! Situated in the middle of fricking nowhere, this appears to be some sort of amusement parc, though I feel that aliens must have dropped it on France in primitive times to bring their culture up to the 1970s…Because it is the 1970s embodied, or […]

I’m normally something of a fan of Tony Blair, mainly through a vitriolic hatred of all things conservative. I’ve been a quiet defender of him But, as with everyone, my turn has come. I will not stand by while he denigrates liberalism. Today he has announced the end of the 1960s Liberal Consensus. I understand […]

As I went to sleep last night I looked up at the ceiling, and saw an outline of my monitor burnt into the ceiling, the wardrobe, my paintings on the wall… everywhere I turned my burnt retina I saw a glowering grey square. Am I spending too much time on the computer? Nah… Thought occurs […]