Month: June 2004

  • :::::: DANGERHERE ::::::: Football Humour, Opinions and Gaffes Might as well keep in with the spirit of the times…

  • GovNet newsfeed: “The Mental Capacity Bill would, for the first time, ensure that people who lack capacity either through disability, mental illness, brain injury or illnesses such as dementia are placed at the heart of decision making.”

  • Zero protection from nuclear code In the depths of the cold war, one number stood between just anybody pushing the button and the President of the United states. That number was the nuclear keycode, and the number was an eight-digit code, which was 00000000.

  • Straight Dope Staff Report: When the zombies take over, how long till the electricity fails?

  • Drunkish. /should be asleep but have fantastic tales to regale all and sundry with. Well, not really. As far as it gets are tales about the unattended female orgasm relayed by Chrissy (who will regret them in the morning) and pooh-poohed by Kieron (who shall dine out on them for days to come, if you […]