Month: May 2004

  • A Sound of Thunder – Ray Bradbury Classic Old Skool Sci-Fi Short Story.

  • TOC FrameSet The Mysteries of Machinery.

  • Road Squadron – Ship Reference Star Wars Geeks Only

  • I love the coast of Europe from the sky. From here you can really see differences between the places (and the shocking similarities between most places.) Holland is like something from the mid-atlantic, some newly formed land with its rough fresh sands pouring into the channel and the north sea, and soft, flat clouds scudding […]

  • Horror the hrorror. Man kills man. Fact of life. And no matter the technology, no matter how developed and refined our blunt killing machines get, it’s still a man to blame, behind the barrel, pulling the trigger. Like Red Alert, Ground Control recognizes this and rebalances its world towards human content, towards Of course, GCII […]