Month: April 2004

  • Thanks be to Toller for this: Chuang YC, Lin TK, Lui CC, Chen SD, Chang CS. Department of Neurology, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital-Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung, Taiwan, ROC. We report a 41-year-old woman with complex reflex epilepsy in which seizures were induced exclusively by the act of tooth brushing. All the attacks occurred with a specific sensation […]

  • Thanks to Mark Meredith, I’m now very, very disturbed…

  • “The island is impressive on full moon nights because there is no electricity and you see all the dolls hanging and some small animals coming out of their mouths. It is a bit terrifying.”

  • Time Cube Bee-oo-tefal insanity (or is it) pointed out by Mr John Walker Entirely too lucid criticriticism here