Month: March 2004

  • Jennifer Government: NationStates “What do the Republics of Cueballs, the jungle paradise of Gurraanweeemoop, and the city state of Griliopolis have in common? If I add in the amazingly unoriginal Republic of Alec Meer, you’ll get the idea. Nation states is a quiz-based long-term multiplayer game where your country’s behaviour is based on the decisions […]

  • “Leather seats, stereo system, even a small refrigerator – by Chinese standards the bus made by the Japanese automaker Toyota is equipped with near luxuries. Nevertheless, almost no one has voluntarily gone into the rear cab of this new vehicle, because anybody who rests on the couch doesn’t get out alive. The bus is the […]

  • Date Engine – My birthday: The Number 1 single was: The Buggles – “Video Killed The Radio Star” The Number 1 album was: Police – “Reggatta De Blanc”

  • My little bruv descended on me at the weekend like a very scruffy force of nature; he finally left today and, while it was really nice having him around, it does make me question my value system. Maudlin this sounds, but in my old age (since about the age of 12), I’ve grown into a […]

  • Princess Obscene shockwave animation by creators of South Park that they were paid $2million to do, and was canned when the Shockwave execs saw it….