Month: December 2003

  • PC Answers MP3 Supertest 480w intro Every decade has its symbols; In the 1970s it was gold chains, in the 80s shoulderpads and floozy hair, in the 90s it was looking glum and thin, but what of the noughties? We at PCA reckon that gadgets could have their decade; we opine that in ten years […]

  • Open mouth, open mind, open sewer, open sesame! Saturday Fry-up – oven-roasted english tomatoes, tough but slightly more flavour, poached egg, generic cumberland sausage, beans, toast. Ginger chicken and Pad Thai (noodles, egg, cashews, spice.) Banana-leaf wrapped chicken. Eaten more crappy finger food than a fastidious cannibal recently. Tch.

  • Title: Time of Defiance Strap: Normally about 5.30 p.m. on Friday Dan Griliopoulos shouts “ Need to Know: This is a new element giving the key details of the game at a glance. It contains the following: Price: £ Publisher: Web address (for the game, not the publisher) Needs: (the minimum system spec) Wants: (the […]

  • Borzoi Reader | Authors | W. H. Auden

  • Cargo cult – love Prince Phillip Thanks Chiarina