Month: October 2003

Online games – threat = lack of consumer support Putting the wow factor into gadgets. US consumer christmas purchases – perhaps contrast with UK buying trends – maybe useful for seeing what we should cover in months to come. Microprocessors are dead – Sun microsystems. Perhaps contrast with AMD and Intel. […]

Rotten Library The site itself is sicker than Mother Teresa’s anaemic pussy, but the library has a wealth of useless shit.

Hogging Fascinating reading. People actually behave like this without ethical qualms, or concern for the feelings of strangers. And we wonder why we have wars if people can treat other people as objects.

The real story behind Roy and Montecore Watch the video (if you have the bandwidth), the man’s plastic face is fascinating, and his justification of why Montecore bit through his master’s artery, without quite killing him, has to be heard. Especially if you own cats.