Month: August 2003

  • <a href="; For sale: IRAQ – CASH ONLY Won’t last long, look quick!

  • Got a terrible lusting for battered bananas. Perhaps I’m pregnant.

  • Guardian Unlimited | The Guardian | Mike May regains his sight after 43 years of blindness Beautiful. Just beautiful. A grown man reduced to childhood by regaining total sight, just like that, with the aid of good hard science.

  • Hollywood Is Calling Look. At the Bottom! Greg Evigan, famed star of “My Two Dads”, and “When Insects Attack!”

  • I know I remembered my dream this morning. I remember remembering it. And memory’s infallible right? I remember someone telling me that once… SO WHY THE BLOODY HELL, sorry I don’t do angry well, WHY THE GOLDARN CAN’T I REMEMBER IT? When I was a kid I remembered every dream; the one about the black […]