Month: June 2003

  • Careful, Careful! Aww…..

  • Finally. Taken much effort, but managed to shift the Gillen from my computer. Boy blew up his own, and ‘spects to use mine 24/7? Boy gotta earn some respect. Specially since boy in question had already decimated the machine, tearing off the power buttons, so we had to jump start it, and taken off the […]

  • Large Quarter – Planetside MMOG (Massively Multiplayer Online Game) 170 Planetside has you taking the role of a soldier in one of three factions, in a futuristic Sci-Fi universe, not dissimilar to the creations of Phillip K Dick or J.G. Ballard. Advances in science have made the soldiers immortal, so a pointless conflict rumbles endlessly […]

  • The Credit Card Prank

  • POO PRICE – How much is your poo worth ?