Month: March 2003

  • Dog Owners Are Sadists – 4 Explore at your peril. The dog in the leotard is a bit rough.

  • Fake or Photo? Maybe I’m hankerng for something, or maybe I’m finding just too much good shit.

  • The Lost Vikings One of the gaming classics of yesterday, in a flash format – amazing what they’re doing with flash no – it’s becoming the main medium for transmitting all sorts of media.

  • Ageing abnormal star I love a universe capable of producing such outrageous unfathomable beauty, and I just wish we could take more part in it. Jeez, I’m writing lots today.

  • Octavo Collections and Projects, nowt to do with Mr Prattchett’s fiction, but a selection of beautifully illustrated rare prints of fantastic ancient books. I’m in heaven, and my heart beats so… Note – check out the Bizzarie di Varie Figure -bit Bosch but without the grotesques (though theywere my favourite bit