Month: February 2003

There’s a oak tree somewhere, in distant memory. It’s not an old oak, it’s not even a royal oak. It’s just an oak, and it stands just beneath the crest of a hill spreading its branches. It’s roots go deep, not because the water-level’s low, but because there’s grass on the ground and shallow roots […]

I used to have odd fancies when I was younger about how the world worked. Because I decided early on, probably too early if truth be told, that value systems are arbitrary and that you make your own point in life, I would concoct various ways of living that I’d think the ultimate and fall […]

Praetorians Dan Griliopoulos thinks: If all roads lead to Rome, is there a congestion charge? Russell Crowe ate his wife, and loved it. Glad he ate ‘er? Price: £29.99 Publisher: Eidos Interactive Web Address Needs Wants Complete in: 35 hours (Easy) Reality check: The game’s Gallic campaign is exactly the same as that Caesar took […]

Everything you ever wanted to know about crisps, but were too fat to ask. Strap 25 I can’t be arsed writing a strap. What follows is a boring story about… crisp! Yay! woo woo! body 500 Two small babies. Eight bags of sugar. That’s how much you, Joe Public, eat in crisps per year; a […]