Month: December 2002

  • [Morning after Christmas party] Mmm… funny how the bits of blood you pick out of your nose after a night’s drinking look just like the bacon bits from Pizza Hut… I’m sincerely hoping that isn’t just me. Also strange chipping your teeth (think it was on a bottle or something) and then finding yourself cutting […]

  • T.I.M. That’s what I call the architect of me downfall. Tim. Not as in my stepdad, though you can read something freudian into that if you want; you have a right to your opinion and I have a right to use your teeth as toecaps. No I mean Total Intestinal Maelstrom. These last two days […]

  • Review Product name Trust 5.1 4000P Home Theatre System 10 word strap All trust up and nowhere to go 300 words Our impressions with trust, were like those of a child confronting a Russian doll for the first time: an enormous box was deposited by our desks, and upon opening had a smaller box inside. […]