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A couple of paragraphs I worked up for PC Gamer, for a forthcoming article, but I didn’t end up using. To the tune of: Tenacious D – The Government Totally Sucks Prior to the 2010 election, all three national parties had pledged to give UK games developers tax breaks; despite being something the Tories and […]

To the Tune of: Jeff Wayne;Richard Burton;Justin Hayward – The Eve Of The War This is the longer draft of a short piece I did for the just-released Delayed Gratification. Before the Wikileaks stuff happened incidentally, so I was prescient about 4Chan. Missile weapons, phalanxes, military organisation, artillery, ironclads, dreadnoughts, machine guns, submarines, and finally nuclear […]

(Panning montage of serious-looking people talking, national institutions, angry fingers being pointed, people walking around and behind things.) (Tenor voice-over). “It’s a blight on the national psyche, an easy way out for hundreds of people who want easy answers. Politicians condemn it, Doctors say it destroys lives. But what does documentary-making really do to Britain? […]

To the tune of: Stevie Wonder – Happy Birthday . It was my eleventy-first birthday on Monday. Here’s what I did. Timestamp: 12.30 a.m. OH, what a night! A quiet drink with several friends ended with me dropping my switch card somewhere and Quintin dunking my phone in his Gulden Draak. The phone didn’t die […]

To the tune of: Kate Bush – Pi As a PR and journalist, I’ve been frustrated by the non-gamers and anti-gamers – the people who haven’t played or would never play games – and how they control the media. As the years have gone by, their hold on the mainstream has been eroded and the […]