Who are you?

I’m Dan Griliopoulos, a writer. I’ve written some games, some books, lots of journalism (that I mostly regret.)1 I’m Jewish with a Greek surname, and Welsh and Italian grannies. I have two kids, Ari and Harpo, who are my life.

I was brought up in Manchester, UK. Heading south to study PPE at Oxford, I tried working in politics but found it too frivolous, run by big kids. So, I joined the video games industry instead.2

Who do you work for?

I currently work for Improbable as Lead Content Editor; Inflexion Games as Senior Games Writer; and Proxy Studios as Creative Director.

Before that I was a freelance journalist for several years. I’ve written for The Guardian, Techradar, Edge, Official Xbox Magazine, RockPaperShotgun, T3, The New Statesman and a few more places. Look at LinkedIn.

Why Funambulism?

It means ‘tightrope-walking’. I say the things that need to be aired, come what may.

How can I get hold of you?

1. There are few harder things than introducing yourself in print, especially where mellifluous vocal nuance can disappear to be replaced by excessive twattery. Take all this wankbabble with a pinch of salt.

2. My journalism portfolio pages are here. They haven’t been updated in 12 years…

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