Month: April 2016

  • Merely Players: The Most Shakespearian Games | Kotaku

    “A Midsummer Night’s Dream follows the adventures of some fairies, some peasant actors attempting to put on a romantic play that’s a bit like a rubbish Romeo & Juliet, some star-crossed aristocrats who all drink love potions, and, for some reason, Theseus and Hippolyta. That makes it a hodge-podge of Greek myth, contemporary satire, romantic […]

  • Battlefleet Gothic: Armada review | PC Gamer

    Battlefleet Gothic gets so much right. The campaign’s story, script, voice acting and appearance is all spot-on for the 40K universe. The 2D battles are challenging and interesting, if still quite unbalanced. The RPG elements are horribly compelling. And its detailed, nebula-filled universe brings the tiny tabletop models to life—before they’re blown into thousands of pieces. […]

  • Digital Spy | Dark Souls 3 review: We died. A lot.

    Dark Souls 3 returns the player to the series’ grim world, again tackling the endless problems of the undead peoples of Lothric. Your task this time, as an undead hero, is to defeat the corrupted Lords of Cinder and return them to the throne room that now sits inside the Firelink Shrine. It’s an unusually […]

  • Motion sickness and double glazing: the challenges of developing a game for VR | TechRadar

    These early applications could be paralleled with the Lumières’ The Arrival of the Mail Train, utterly impressive when shown in the late 1800s (the audience reportedly panicked with the large train coming towards them on the screen), yet where the media creators are still testing the basics of their techniques for presentation and communication. Like […]

  • What Windows 10 means for VR and AR | TechRadar

    What Windows 10 means for VR and AR | TechRadar

      Microsoft knows it missed the boat with Windows 8. But the team also think they have a fair idea of what they did wrong, and they think this forwarding looking smorgasbord of integration, accessibility and standardization is their solution. They’re providing an OS designed for VR and AR; support for any major VR or […]