The Most Modded Games: Top of the Mods.

To The Tune of: Two Tone Mods – Green Onions (Pulp Fiction)

Simple question; which games have have the most mods made for them?

Source: Mod Db. This lists 7,776 mods in total.

Caveats: Does not include maps. Older games, obscure games I didn’t look at, or games with independent communities are likely to be under-represented.

WARNING: Mods may damage your savegames or appear in Graham Greene novels.

Number of mods for…

  1. Half-Life 2 1552
  2. Half-Life 482
  3. Unreal 3 232
  4. UT 2004 169
  5. Crysis 165
  6. GTA San Andreas 162
  7. UT 148
  8. Oblivion 110
  9. Doom III 98
  10. Quake 95
  11. Homeworld 2 90
  12. Freelancer 86
  13. Morrowind 76
  14. Portal 74
  15. Halo 65
  16. Men of War 65
  17. Wolfenstein 3D 65
  18. Quake III Arena 60
  19. Dawn of War 56
  20. Starcraft 55
  21. Fallout 3 54
  22. Far Cry 46
  23. Deus Ex 45
  24. Quake IV 44
  25. Warcraft II 42
  26. GTA: Vice City 40
  27. Stalker: Shadow of Chernobyl 40
  28. Mount & Blade 39
  29. Baldur’s Gate 2 39
  30. Max Payne 2 37

I’ve put the spreadsheet here, in case you want to order it differently.

9 thoughts on “The Most Modded Games: Top of the Mods.

  1. u are forgetting about 1 game, wich may yust land on ur top 5, namely star trek bridge commander, it has tons of mods, ranging from smal single ship addons, to complete new story line, and very advanced options, including a vibrant galaxy, wich is a totaly new system compared to the original(wich was kind of noticbly scripted)


  2. Fallout 3 has a HELL of a lot more than 54 mods, I mean thousands more! ModDB isn’t great for the games which have a specific modding community though. The Nexus sites are good for mods for a variety of games and one of the main sources for Fallout 3, New Vegas, Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim etc. Just pointing that out 😀


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