Month: September 2010

  • View: Sir Henry At Rawlinson's End

    To the tune of: Vivian Stanshall – Sir Henry At Rawlinson End The story so far. The hapless and unusual Hubert, having unhappily chanced upon Sir Henry reliving the bombing of Dresden, has received a terrific thrashing and a crippling kick in the fork. He is now in disgrace condemned to his room. The body of […]

  • Poems For A Broken Heart

    To the tune of: The Magnetic Fields – Always Already Gone (suggestion from Tony Ellis). I’ve been reading my dad’s old copy of McEachran’s A Cauldron Of Spells – it’s snippets of poetry that feel good read out loud. I think it’s helping. I’ve picked my favourites out and interspersed them below. She was a […]

  • The Death of the Non-Gamer

    To the tune of: Kate Bush – Pi As a PR and journalist, I’ve been frustrated by the non-gamers and anti-gamers – the people who haven’t played or would never play games – and how they control the media. As the years have gone by, their hold on the mainstream has been eroded and the […]

  • I, naturally fled.

    I, naturally fled.

    So, after a week of Maria skipping out every night, we’ve split up. She loves me, I love her, but it’s not enough.