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  The papers are reporting that Britain is more antisemitic than it’s been for a long time. They’re also reporting that both Jewish celebrities and everyday folk are thinking about leaving Britain. As a Jew, I understand their fear. As a bad, atheist, secular Jew, I understand why they want to move to Israel but think […]

BBC NEWS | Politics | Manchester wins ‘super-casino’ Manchester also represented a good place to test the social impact of a super-casino, and “the council’s consultations with other local authorities and relevant bodies gave us confidence on that”, added Prof Crow. “Manchester has a catchment area for a casino second only to that of London, […]

Three things I remember; the bridge, the warnings and the bomb. The bridge was located in the city-centre over Deansgate; in fact it’’s still there, polygonal and filthy, scrabby bushes sheltering tin cans from the cleaning machines crammed up against it. I remember we used to walk past it every time we went to my […]