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Total War: Warhammer review – an intimidating blend of empire-building, strategy and high fantasy | Technology | The Guardian

Warhammer is a range of tabletop strategy games; Total War is a series of historical battle simulations. Combining the two should have produced a black hole of nerdiness so unapproachable it would crush all mortals. Strangely, however, this is probably the most accessible each game has been for years. Source: Total War: Warhammer review –

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Beamdog: The Story So Far

Trent Oster may have founded BioWare and Beamdog, but the best place to find him isn’t in a high-powered boardroom, a swanky hotel, or on an exclusive beach. Instead, you’ll need to head to the university district in Edmonton, Canada, where you’ll probably find him in the Next Act pub, munching on a peanut butter and bacon sandwich

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A sound pitch: audio puzzler Sentris threatens to unleash your inner musician

We’re all aware the indie scene is bursting. And the onetime underloved genres – roguelikes, simulations, CCGs – are proliferating well. Filling up quietly and fast is the music genre, with Crypt of the Necrodancer, Audiosurf 2, and Soundodger all hitting recently. But Sentris makes large claims to creativity, on generating music, rather than just playing it. As the developer, Samatha Kalman, describes it, “it allows, and even requires, everybody to make their own song as they play.”