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Sense of Adventure: Dave Gilbert, Wadjet Eye Games and The Shivah

Real-world religions are oddly absent from games. Whether it’s through fear or complacency, the mainstream part of our industry careful sidesteps controversy. If religion enters at all, it’s used as in God of War or El Shaddai, as a theme to be mined. Similarly, the liberal bent of most indies means that religion isn’t a huge part of their lives and hence rarely enters into their games.

Beamdog: The Story So Far

Trent Oster may have founded BioWare and Beamdog, but the best place to find him isn’t in a high-powered boardroom, a swanky hotel, or on an exclusive beach. Instead, you’ll need to head to the university district in Edmonton, Canada, where you’ll probably find him in the Next Act pub, munching on a peanut butter and bacon sandwich

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