1929 Passport Photo

1929 Passport Photo
Originally uploaded by Dimitri Griliopoulos.

This is my grandad, back in the Greece of 1929. He was born in 1907 I believe, so he’s four years younger than me here. I could make comments about ageing, decay, etc, but there’s no point – anyone with a half-a-brain can extrapolate from my appearance and his the sort of comments I’d make.

5 thoughts on “1929 Passport Photo

  1. Now grill, black and white photos, as every 50s screen-siren knows, do wonders for 1) can never get up on time to shave stubble 2) Late nights 3) Drug habits. Don’t worry about it. Any way, we can’t see his behind, so I can’t tell who has the nicest one, which is of course the most important thing. There you go, I bet you didn’t think that your little scheme of fishing for compliments would be so successful, did you?


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