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Drawn! The Illustration Blog ? Blog Archive ? Staake’s Struwwelpeter: “Bob Staake is releasing a version of the classic German children’s book Der Struwwelpeter in his familiar geometric style. Der Struwwelpeter is a series of short morality tales. Staake’s version “is intended to remain faithful to (Heinrich) Hoffmann’s original vision while giving the ten bizarre, “lesson-driven” stories a modernized viability.””

When Shockheaded Peter was turned into a stage play, I couldn’t stay away. I saw it at least twice, and could watch it over and over – gruesome, beautiful jaw-dropping humour, with the ghorish music of the falsetto & accordion misanthropes The Tiger Lilies tacked onto the play’s living flesh. Anyone fancy buying this for me?

2 thoughts on “Drawn! The Illustration Blog ? Blog Archive ? Staake’s Struwwelpeter

  1. i don’t know about that one dan; i seems like hoffsploitation to me. i was looking at it in the bookshop and thought it looked a bit naff. i don’t really like that style if art. you should just get the original. or i should just get you the original, which i saw for sale in a market in vienna for too much money. the tiger lillies version is definitive for me though.


  2. Wow, someone’s reading this thing. It had gone so quiet in here I thought I could hear the rapidly marching approach of jackbooted hordes… Yeah, looks a bit naff. The comments on Drawn said something similar. I’ll look on amazon and see if it’s up there….later…GotchaHere


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