Cult Games: Minecraft

To the tune of: Guns N’ Roses – Sweet Child O’ Mine

I gone and done wrote something about Minecraft:

Gamers, especially PC gamers, give the impression of being more than averagely intelligent. It’s a self-selecting set – a group of people who have the desire for and capability to buy a top-end computer and keep it tickety-boo – that requires dosh, patience and technical knowledge. However, despite their divergent nerdcore qualities they still manage to share a herd mentality, wheeling around to chase tropes like migrating swans. Perhaps the selection criteria are too rigorous, but there’s a very similar, snarky mindset that dominates this faction. Hence, when something hits that spot perfectly, it hits all of them at once – like any virus hitting a shallow gene pool, or a lightning strike hitting a box of lightbulbs, a good meme that appeals to the correct desires will turn all the gamers on at once.

Go read the full thing at Sabotage Times.

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