Identity Crisis.

For any users of Skype out there, my username is Griliopoulos. Duh. For MSN, it’s iddleyiddle at For Google Talk it’s daniel.griliopoulos at On Xbox Live I’m OXM Grill (but email me first, as my list is always full.) On Lord of the Rings Online, I’m on Snowbourn and my name’s Warslow Wobbleguts. If you’re on any social networking site, my full name’s my name. If you’re on any other site with profiles, I’m likely to be on there with the name Griliopoulos.

Legacy Names
On Planetside, I was Picoc. In City of Heroes, I was both of the heroes Y’gor and The Bomb,and some arbitrary villain. I’m Kip Brasken in Guild Wars. I can’t even remember my name in Tabula Rasa. I had a thousand names in World of Warcraft, among them Grittle and Ungolim on Daggerspine and Grill on Bloodscalp. There were a couple of characters in Everquest II and some in Ultima Online, Shadowbane, Auto Assault (dead), D&D Online, EVE Online, Final Fantasy XI, Hero Online, ForumWarz, Kingdom of Loathing, RuneScape, Toontown and many more that I forget…

With this many identities, it’s a wonder that I exist at all any more.

3 thoughts on “Identity Crisis.”

  1. I have been elle for a decade now. Although it used to be elle boogie, a pet name from an old flame.

    I wrote a post on a long dead blog about elle. I’m slightly jealous of her as she’s wittier and prettier than me, and always drinks her martinis straight with a twist.

  2. I don’t think I’ve even ever drunk a martini. Damn that elle, she’s soooo cool. I bet she’s only tried world of Warcraft once and didn’t even inhale.

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