3 thoughts on “E-Cigarette”

  1. I went to Turnmills for the first (and last 🙁 ) time in aaaaages on Friday, certainly for the first time since the smoking ban.

    I have three observations:

    i) Altered mind-states are more enjoyable if you can smoke, but less enjoyable if you have to smoke in a cattle pen in the snow

    ii) Night clubs are _far too bright_ without the filter of cigarette to take the edge off – turn the effing lights down please

    iii) While cigarette smoke can leave clothes stinking and eyes sore, removing it reveals a lingering farty/sweaty smell that is less preferable

    Prolly no bad thing that all the decent clubs in London are closing – they’re really don’t seem very civilised any more.

  2. I have to admit I’ve come to loathe clubs – I’m alright once I’m in them, but I frankly don’t see the point of them – if I want to get drunk and dance with my friends I’d rather do it in my home.

    Maybe that’s cos I’m in the first stable relationship (yes, I’m fucking a horse) of my life?

  3. I prefer Great Danes: the thinking woman’s horse.

    (Goddammit – what is it about teh interwebz that encourages me to type everything I think?)

    Anyway, clubs are good from a giant laser point of view (giant laser pointer view?), but living rooms are often an acceptable venue for drunken dancing.

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