Down In The Hollow

85 – Inside the Hollow Earth « strange maps

That’s just plain beautiful. This is a summary map of the Hollow Earth, with all its different entry points and layers, including a small floating sun in the middle. So this is what people reverted to after the flat earth was discredited. Strange maps has the best stuff – including this wonderful image of the most generic country imaginable.

My Musical Preferences

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We’re playing this track because it features electronica influences, a subtle use of vocal harmony, major key tonality, prominent use of synth, acoustic sonority, folk roots, dynamic vocalists, acoustic instruments.

After months of listening to Pandora, it seems to have calmed down and gives me regularly music I love. Now when I check “why did you play this track” it gives me the some version of the above answer nine times out of ten. Apparently, that’s me, which is awesome. Now to look up sonority…

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Cat Ladders

On 2 Mar ’07, 8.08am GMT flyerjimmy said:


I wonder if i can use this picture (see link)

Cat Stair

On my cat-ladder site – a site about Cat-Ladders 🙂

Here’s the address to the site:


Where is the picture taken? Which town/country.

Yours sincerely / Jimmy Robertson – Stockholm/Sweden

Uh, yeah. Sure. Cool site and all!

Buzan’s Box

BF Skinner was a world famous psychologist who did experiments on conditioning, following Pavlov, where he showed you could get anyone to do anything with enough positive reinforcement (negative reinforcement isn’t as effective, oddly). Humph. Lauren Slater has written a very personal book Opening Skinner’s Box: Great Psychological Experiments of the Twentieth Century all about Skinner and several other famous psychologists. BF Skinner’s daughter Deborah Skinner Buzan responds to Slater’s book in the Guardian, claiming the writer failed to do her research, citing several allegations Slater . However, it feels like it’s Buzan who’s not done her research, as Slater is clear that Buzan didn’t suffer from any of the things mentioned; she mentions them only to debunk them. She does say that Buzan slept in the “heir conditioner”, a sealed cot designed to provide the perfect environment for a growing baby, but then so does Buzan. Buzan’s big problem seems to be that Slater never got in touch with her; but Slater tried to, spoke to Buzan’s sister and generally made the effort. That said, Buzan got to write an article for the Guardian and, knowing their page rate, she had to say something controversial…