We Heart Google

Inadvertantly, whilst I was trying to send a document to myself for copyright purposes on Gmail, I noticed a new button – open in Google Documents. I clicked it, agreed to another contract that I never read, and went in. It’s fecking amazing, a full word-processor online, completing eroding the need for the bloated Word I currently use.

Excited, I popped over to Google Labs and installed a few random Firefox extensions, before spotting Google Trends; Griliopoulos of course brought up no results, but Grill… Anyway, then I ran out of cool stuff and went to bed. The End.

4 thoughts on “We Heart Google”

  1. I’ve been using it for all my work for a while now. The two things I can no longer live without are its onlininess – I’m terrible at predicting which things I’ll need at home and at work and when – and the revision history – I run spectacularly over the wordcount, cut back spectacularly, then someone tells me to ‘pad it out’.

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