Future in the Eye

Future in the Eye

Sitting back at the farmstead near Buxton, I notice that this week’s Private Eye has it’s usual Stock Horror feature and it’s looking at Future’s share price. I’ll repeat it here for all the employee’s benefits:

Xbox Magazine Publisher Future – chaired by City bigwig Roger Parry – zaps its shareholders

Value of £100 invested a year ago in…
…Future PLC £49
…the rest of the stock market £118

Nuff said. Quite glad I’ve not signed up to the Sharesave scheme now.


I’ll write more about myself in a bit, but in the meantime I’ve updated the Blog; on the left now there’s a set of links to my del.icio.us links with comments and I’m going to try and get some sort of flickr feed up there too. I may also shorten that blogroll as it’s looking rather lengthy…

Pop-up Books – Sneak Peek!

Pop-up Books – Sneak Peek!: “For the past few years Matthew Reinhart has been working with legendary children’s book creator Maurice Sendak on a pop-up labor of love! This hilarious book, titled Mommy? is Maurices’s tribute to his love of the monsters of the 1930’s.”

One of my favourite kid’s authors, along with the astounding Shaun Tan. Sendak really captures the macabre nature of being a small thing in a world of unpredictable giants, who can scream and howl or who can bend to your every whim. It’s a rare thing to keep that childish mind, though I can think of friends who somehow have integrated it their real personality (instead of remaining children proper, or flipping into that psychotic construct we call adulthood.)