6 thoughts on “?????”

  1. *Heart flutters in time with eyelashes*

    I’ve got a feeling there’s an RSS feed here already – or at least an atom one – let me find it.

    *montage symbolising passage of time, grill poring over ancient tomes, talking to hermits on mountain tops, scraping seaweed away from runes in undersea caves.*
    http://gril.blogspot.com/atom.xml is a feed. Don’t think blogger supports RSS itself though… what’s your aggregator, oh my Lady of the Quivering Lids?

  2. Are you absolutely sure you’re publishing the feed? You need make sure that you’ve got your Site Feed settings put to Publish Site Feed = Yes and Descriptions = Full and republish your entire blog from the Posting > Status tab so that the live bookmark icon will appear in their appropriate place in your web browser of choice…

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