On the game

London’s rich, saturated with events, fascinating people, ringing phones, history and more tosh like that. There’s not enough life in a person to do it all, which is why it’s worth doing none of it.

Edit: And that’s what happens when you use blogger to make diary notes, boys and girls. Sorry!

4 thoughts on “Error!”

  1. Hi there!! I completely agree with everything you’ve just said!!! Because i’m a real person who has read it for real!!!You can tell because only real human people can use explanation marks!!!!!!By the way would you mind sending me your bank account details so I can let a small number of millions rest in your bank account to help my aged nigerian uncle??!!£$%%!??! by the way do check out _corporate_ fascism_you_didn’t_need yours sincerely uncle fukka

  2. I didn’t even mean to post that. I must have hit the Blog This button on my computer be accident!

    But thanks Claire for that post! I fancy you and want to make beautiful pyramid schemes with you!

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