That’s right, free…

Cost of signing up: Free

Cost of creating a profile so others can find you: Free

Cost of searching for your next love: Free

Cost of sending a message: Free

Finding a guy/girl who actually wants to play that game with you: Priceless.”

Dating for massively multiplayer geeks. The site currently features two pages of girl gamers (mostly jokes, video game characters or hideous trolls; sorry ladies) and innumerable pages of turkey-necked blokes. Gamers really should have a higher prevalence of homosexuality, it would make life so much easier on them, as well alleviating other problems. A friend was telling me that in his school there were girls in all the other years but his; this lead to massive violence, anger, and terrible behaviour on the part of the kids. Perhaps the over-prevalence of violence in games is related to this as well; the proximity of the opposite sex combined with an unbridgeable gap between them.

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