Thanks be to Toller for this:

Chuang YC, Lin TK, Lui CC, Chen SD, Chang CS.

Department of Neurology, Chang Gung Memorial Hospital-Kaohsiung, Kaohsiung,

Taiwan, ROC.

We report a 41-year-old woman with complex reflex epilepsy in which seizures

were induced exclusively by the act of tooth brushing. All the attacks occurred

with a specific sensation of sexual arousal and orgasm-like euphoria that were

followed by a period of impairment of consciousness. Ictal EEG

demonstrated two events of epileptic seizure that were provoked after tooth

brushing for 38 and 14 seconds, respectively. The interictal EEG showed

epileptiform discharges over the right anterior temporal region and interictal

single photon emission computed tomography (SPECT) scan showed relative

hypoperfusion in the uncus of right temporal lobe. Brain magnetic resonance

imaging (MRI) revealed right hippocampal atrophy. We suggest that tooth-

brushing epilepsy, especially with sexual ictal manifestations, may provide

insight into the cerebral pathophysiology at the right temporolimbic structure.


Following in the illustrious, politically aware footsteps, of George Michael, the thin white duke himself (David Bowie you ankle-biters!) has announced that his latest album is available for free download; indeed, he positively wants you to download it, mix it up with your own tunes a la DJ Danger Mouse, and send it back to him. Then a panel (including Bowie) will decide which is best, the winner mixing it up with Bowie on his next album.

Mr Tony Blair

Assaulted on all sides, Mr Tony Blair must be feeling like his world is caving in, and now a new threat waves its order paper from the sidelines. ‘Bluesnarfing’, the act of taking control of a device via Bluetooth, has been spread to the Palace of Westminister by no less illustrious an organisation than The Times. A hack snuck his laptop into the House of Commons and was able to use it to listen into MP’s conversations over their phones, mainly because most Mps have failed to change the default password. Espionage on the cheap anyone?

Kill Chrille

Remember Lightsabre boy, the Canadian kid who was an internet hit when a home-movie of him dancing with a broom was released onto the net? Well, he’s back