yaledailynews.com – Republicans rally at Bush’s alma mater: “Republican supporters were not alone, as they were joined by the group Billionaires for Bush. Around 30 students were present, all dressed in formal attire and holding signs such as ‘Blood for Oil.’

Members also chanted slogans like ‘Who needs equal rights?’ as they handed out pamphlets.

The ‘Billionaires’ refused to give any real names or discuss the group’s platform. Instead, participants attempted to mix in with the Bush supporters while chanting slogans.

Pamphlets included lines such as ‘tax cuts generously gave millionaires and billionaires nearly $100,000 for each billionaire’ and ‘the benefits to the poor and lazy average less than $100 per year.’

‘I thought it would be great to support global warming,’ a demonstrator who would give his name only as Seymour Benjamins said. ‘You can see how white I am, and global warming gives better tans.'”

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