Just spent two hours on the phone in an impromptu interview for the Dubai job. I made it through somehow, talking a good game and all that. That’s not to say I blathered; but there were times my sentences were so convoluted that I had trouble following where the train of thought had been derailed.

Am feeling almost committed to it now; the challenge is starting to excite me. I’m not a gadget person, per se. I’m not a lad per se either. The nearest I’ve got to strenuous masculinity is standing near rugby players. Working out what I could do with this magazine is provking thoughts in me; admittedly, most of them are likely to have me thrown out of the country, but that’s another gold star on my CV, isn’t it.

Time to grow, methinks. Meantimes, I’ll go and play with this Meccano PC case.

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