Online games – threat = lack of consumer support

Putting the wow factor into gadgets.

US consumer christmas purchases – perhaps contrast with UK buying trends – maybe useful for seeing what we should cover in months to come.

Microprocessors are dead – Sun microsystems. Perhaps contrast with AMD and Intel.

Problems for Linux news story – scaremongering a little, but always good news technique that. Not covered SCO debacle at all – might be worth mentioning; this deals with problems for linux.

Advantages of older mobile phones over newer combine with story about intel cramming more into mobiles

Anti-software piracy invention – could do with working up, perhaps with darkning copy protection (we may have mentioned before) and second link – story about way to break latest copy protection.,39001150,39154620,00.htm

Like to do a story on what to do with dead PCs – or even a feature on how to recycle PCs.

Leading story into revenge feature

Argue with me