Tron 2.0

The discus game’s on the disc, as discussed. (disgusting puns, we know.)

The only internet game ot have been programmed by more people in more ways than Tron, is Mah-Johnng, and that’s not including playing snake on your mobile.

There are two parts to this demo; a single player arcade light-bikes game, much like snake, and a multiplayer game.

The single player light bikes game is simple enough; there’s a quick tutorial, in case one of the first computer games of any sort is too complicated, and a computer head to ehad mode.

The multiplayer also includes a lightbikes section, where you shake your snake with the best of them. Then there’s FPS section, where you take on the role of one of many programs battling it out to prevent erasure (which anyone who remembers the eighties must agree is a boon.) There’s only one map in this demo level, but it’s a doozy. Stick to the platforms, get ready to dodge the discs,

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